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Blog from June 5th, 2007

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Prayer Requests:
  1. We enrolled Megan in a summer school program at her new school; they are not sure that there will be an available spot for her. Please pray for God’s will in this matter and that this would help her feel more comfortable with starting kindergarten this fall.
  2. Please pray for language and cultural acquisition for our entire family.
  3. Please pray for us as we travel in June and July to meetings. Pray that our children will adjust well to jet lag.
  4. Please pray that we will receive our long awaited visas soon.

Thank you for keeping up with us, and for praying for us. You can continue to e-mail us at

In the Almería region there is only one Unión Evangélica Bautista Española (UEBE) church. The UEBE is the entity that has invited us to work in Spain and underwrites our visa. This is a picture of that church and it also happens to be the church we are attending. Our friends Pastors Eliezer and Virginia serve in this church.

These are our international friends from Romania. One of them volunteers with the Red Cross and works with immigrants. She offered to introduce us to the Red Cross staff to help us begin our ministry after language school.

Many of you have been praying for Megan’s school situation. Well, about two weeks ago we found out she has been placed in Torrequebrada. We are very happy and Megan is excited. Here is a picture of Megan outside of her school about to go in and register for classes.

Near our home and all through the region there are green house type structures. They are made of plastic and inside is grown everything from peppers to oranges. This is a picture across the top of a bunch of these green houses. At some places there seems to be so many that is looks like a sea of plastic.

This is a picture of the inside of one of the green houses. The workers (almost exclusively from Africa) were cleaning this one out and preparing the soil for the next crop. It looks like tomatoes were grown here previously.

Most of our life right now revolves around language learning. So, we thought we would show you our language school. It is just one of many shops on the ground floor of an apartment building and has three classrooms. We are enjoying the process of learning Spanish and the Spanish culture.

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