Monday, March 10, 2008

  • We have recently finished up the full-time language learning phase of our assignment here in Southern Spain. Please pray for us as we begin to research and explore ministry opportunities. We are excited about this phase of our work here.

  • Our visas are finally in! Hooray! So we will be traveling in March to pick them up. Please pray that traveling with our three little munchkins will go as smoothly as possible. Please pray for us as we deal with jet lag and for Megan as she will miss some days of school, that she will settle back in well.

  • Thank you for praying for Megan’s school situation. She loves her school. Recently Tiffne had the rare opportunity to volunteer at the school. Several mothers made bocadillos for all of the children. Bocadillos are a Spanish type sandwich made out of fresh baked bread (similar to French bread) with fresh tomato sauce mixed with olive oil and salt spooned into the middle. Some of the sandwiches just had olive oil mixed with either salt or sugar. The children loved them. Megan ate two!

  • We have two different volunteer groups coming in the next few months. Please pray for us as we work together with them to begin our ministries here in southern Spain. A large part of what both parties will be doing will involve the work of our ministry project: “Migration Crisis and Relief Project”. The main goal of this project is to meet the physical needs of those internationals in despair, then through service build relationships that might lead to an opportunity to share the gospel. For more information about this project and how you might be able to become involved through prayer, giving, or service; follow the links on the right of our blog page for the previous post titled “August.” The project description is about half way down on the August 17, 2007 post.
We enjoy eating churros at the street market near our home. We have met several immigrants from Africa at this market. We greet them in Spanish, French, English, and Sereer.

On the way to Madrid to get our passports renewed, we stopped for a little sledding. It was a “little” because there was only one little patch of ice to sled down the day we were there.

In Granada before we meet with our landlady to sign another lease for our apartment, we stopped to see the Alhambra. It is an old fortress/castle from 1238.

Megan and her class enjoying the Carnival day at school.

Tiffne making bocadillos at Megan’s school.

Megan eating bocadillos at school during her snack time.

Jamón, as it is called here in Spain, is a cultural norm for fiestas. Basically, it is a hog leg that has been salted and hung to cure dry. To serve, just cut the outside off and slice the meat really thin and serve; no cooking or refrigeration needed. And, though it may not look enticing, it tastes great!

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Unknown said...

hey Tif! It is me, Martha! You know, from high school! I can't believe I can finally see pics of your family! How adorable! I would love to hear from you. You are doing such great stuff! How exciting it is to work for God, huh! Love you!