Saturday, July 6, 2019

Banana Boat Update - July 2019

Wow! The banana boat has been on a whirlwind of adventures lately. In May, the European Baptist Federation’s Anti-trafficking working group met near Amsterdam. We had a wonderful team meeting, visited some ministries, and prayer walked in the red light district.

Then, the European Freedom Network met in Italy. We prayed together with anti-trafficking ministries from all over Europe.
In June, we traveled to Senegal, for the twenty year anniversary of our time together there. We had the awesome opportunity to visit the village church that we helped start 20 years ago as well as another church in a nearby village. We also visited a ministry for at risk children in the capital city. We enjoyed eating an African meal with them, playing games, and speaking about prevention of human trafficking. We prayer walked in areas of human trafficking.
Finally, in July, we traveled to Antwerp, Belgium to serve with a couple of ministries in the red light district and to continue prayer walking. As we celebrated the 4th of July in Antwerp, we continue to pray for the captives to be set free, that they might be free indeed. Isaiah 61:1


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