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Kilos of Care...

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For this update we thought we would share some stories from the field, a new project, and “Thoughts along the Way” which is a new link with devotional entries for November and December. To visit “Thoughts along the Way” click here, whitleythoughts.blogspot.com

American Football in Mojonera…

For the First Time Ever!

Many of our friends from Africa have never seen an American football, let alone touched one, or played the game. Recently they got the chance to do all of this. A couple of guys from America and Joel, along with several of our African friends met on a Sunday afternoon. Within about 5-10 minutes, Joel had them playing a “pretty close to the real thing” game. They loved it and were laughing and joking about whether it was 3rd or 4th down. It was great fun and a good release for these guys who work very hard in the extremely hot green houses about 6 days a week. It was fun to watch them make touchdowns and have a great time – mostly it is just so great to see them smile – which they actually do almost all of the time even when life is really tough.

Please pray for the sports evangelism ministry.

Living Water and Pineapple Juice…

Texans in Almeria!

Recently Sagemont Baptist Church from Houston, Texas sent a mission team to our area. We enjoyed hanging out with them and enjoying some meals together. They did an evangelism conference at our Spanish Baptist Church in Almeria. One part of this conference was called “Servant Evangelism” where the mission team and members of our church went into poorer areas of Almeria to hand out pineapple juice and sometimes a tract if the person was interested in learning why we were serving others at no cost.

This Texas team was such an encouragement to us.

Stealing from the Poor…

In a small three bedroom house in Mojonera, live 20 young men from Africa. When some of them are fortunate enough to find work, they buy food – usually rice, onions, and pasta and share with everyone in their house. They also send as much money as they possibly can back to feed their families in Africa. When we visit them to deliver vegetables, and sometimes clothes for them or their families in Africa they always invite us in for a meal. They often run to the store to buy juice or bottled water for us and our children to drink. They are poor, but they are always thinking of others and giving the little food they have away. Recently when we visited them, they told us of how their house was robbed. There was nothing of value in their home except the food; someone took all of the rice, onions, vegetables and chicken that they had. Please pray for these precious guys as they continue to meet the challenges that face immigrants from Africa, and pray for the people who robbed them – they must be in dire need as well.

Loaves and Fishes…

So many times we notice that the lives of our African friends are similar to stories in the Bible. In Africa, many of the small boys are shepherds, the women sift out the chafe in the millet after they pound it, and they walk to the well to get water for themselves and their animals. Here in southern Spain we are continually noticing and enjoying the multiplying of “loaves and fishes.” Each time we are invited to eat with our friends from Africa, they take what little they have and make a feast for many people. One evening, Joel ate with the guys in Mojonera. Twenty three young men ate a large platter of pasta, onions, and two pieces of chicken (that’s right - two pieces – not two chickens.) Recently, we had cheb-o-gin with our friends. This is a dish of rice, vegetables, and fish. Delicious! Thirty three people enjoyed this meal together. We got very full and there were just 4 fish for everyone to share. Good stuff. We are continually amazed at how these friends with so little always share and it becomes enough for all.

Please pray our new project that is directed at feeding those who are hungry.

1st Annual Kilos of Care Holiday Food Drive

This holiday season we are kicking off a new project titled, Kilos of Care. This project will be our annual food drive beginning in November and lasting through January. The idea behind this project is to provide a way for individuals, Sunday school classes, or churches to be directly involved in purchasing food for struggling immigrants in Southern Spain and for refugees living in camps in the Western Sahara.

You will buy and give many gifts this holiday season, please prayerfully consider how you might participate in this food drive and give the gift of food to those who may be struggling to feed themselves or their families. “…I was hungry and you gave me something to eat…” -Matthew 25: 31-46.

Kilos of Care Project details:

  • Estimated cost of specific items:

22 kilo bag of rice: $37 or (1 kilo - $1.68)

22 kilo bag of couscous: $39 or (1 kilo - $1.77)

22 kilo sack of onions: $19 or (1 kilo - .86)

5 kilo block of frozen chicken pieces: $14 or (1 kilo - $2.80)

5 kilo sack of potatoes: $7 or (1 kilo - $1.40)

1 kilo can of powdered baby formula: $14

  • How to give:

Make checks payable to: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

Send gift to: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

P.O. Box 101699

Atlanta, GA 30392

Special instructions: Write Kilos of Care #89833 in the memo line

Also, please remember that your tithes and offerings to CBF’s Offering for Global Missions helps to support field personnel serving all over the world. For more information about this general offering please visit: http://thefellowship.info/OGM

During this Thanksgiving season we are very grateful for your prayers and support and wish you and your family a happy holiday season.

Merry Christmas from the Whitleys in southern Spain!

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Lauren said...

hi! it is a bit after the fact, but i would like to send a check for kilos of care. can i follow the same instructions or is it too late to use that memo line? if not is there some other way that i can send money for food?