Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Day in the Life of the Whitleys

Today the kids had a break from school and we needed to go to the prefecture to pick up their French residence cards and apply for my French driver’s license.  So we hopped on our bikes and headed off to the tram station where we locked up our bikes and got on the tram to ride downtown to the prefecture.  We spent some time in the prefecture taking care of all of the legal matters that go with living in a foreign country; then we walked along the river and found a place for lunch.  Along the way we watched the baby ducklings playing in the water.  After lunch we walked over to Place Kleber to go to the huge bookstore so that I could buy another French book for my French class.  On the way we had delicious ice cream cones.  Next it was time to take the tram back to near our home; where we once again hopped on our bikes and headed for home.  On the way home we saw beautiful swans floating on the river.  The next plan for our day was to hop in the car and drive across the river into Germany to shop for a dog crate for our dog Toby.  When we returned home we decided to go to the Orangerie Park for a little more fun.  The kids played and Toby ran around, until he rolled in stork poop and we had to go home and give him a bath!  The stork is the symbolic bird for the Alsace region of France: a beautiful white bird with black tipped feathers.

Please continue to pray for all of our paperwork for living in France to work out smoothly. 
The largest mosque in France is located in Strasbourg.  Please pray that God will open the hearts of people to the possibility of having a personal relationship with Him through Christ.
We are meeting many people from many countries and faith backgrounds; from Russia, Poland, Italy, Guinea, Senegal, Congo, Cameroon, Belgium, Japan, and Morocco.  Please pray for us as we build relationships and as we discuss our personal relationships with the Lord.
Please pray for Sylvie St. Alby.  Sylvie is from Guinea.  She and her ten year old daughter recently moved to Strasbourg.  Sylvie was in the hospital for complications related to her diabetes.

 We appreciate your prayers.


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