Thursday, June 12, 2014

Easter in Alsace with Evodia

Strasbourg is in the Alsace region of France.  On Easter Sunday after church we went to Philipe and Evodia’s house for a lunch with many of the people from Trinity International Church.  The guests were from Egypt, Korea, Greece, France, America, Peru, Bulgaria and other places.  Philipe is a retired pastor from the Alsace region.  He speaks Alsacian, French, German, and Greek.  His wife, Evodia, is from Greece.  Over the past few weeks she has shared with me about the customs in Alsace and Greece during Easter.  She dyed some eggs to be the center piece of the table during our Easter lunch.  During the lunch people can choose an egg, then turn to the person sitting next to them and crack their eggs together, to see which person’s egg cracks first.  Evodia also has an Easter egg tree set up in her living room.  Many families in Alsace follow this tradition in their homes and even out in their yards.  It was such a blessing to share this holiday with Evodia and her family.

Prayer Requests
 Please pray for our family as we prepare to head back to Texas for our OFA (formerly known as furlough.)
As we spend some time in the states, the work here in Europe will continue.  We are thankful that God has sent workers to the harvest field (Matthew 9:37-38.)  Please pray for Scott, Irene, Marion, Kurt, and Karyn in Strasbourg, France. 

Please pray for Ruben, Miriam, Isabel, Norma, Betty, Mihaela, and Ruben in Spain.
Please continue to pray for Sylvie Saint-Alby and part of her family that live in Ivory Coast, Africa.



Anna said...

Hello Whitleys! I hope you are all doing well! I continue to keep up with you through your blog and the CBF, and I just wanted to say hello! Love to all :)

Catherine said...

Hello dear Whitleys!!

This is Catherine, John's Mom:) I think of you all often but haven't checked in for a long time. Can't believe you're not in Spain anymore!!! It must have been hard for the sweet people left behind.
Praying for you and the kids. John just finished 2 years in Peace Corps in Paraguay. He is traveling and hopes to head home around March. Andilyn moved to North Carolina and likes it.
Love and Merry Christmas to your precious family,
Catherine Williamson