Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pray for France – week 4

This past Sunday at Trinity International Church of Strasbourg, France, Pastor Karl said, “Prayer is about entering into a relationship with God.”  “Prayer is an incredible opportunity to work in partnership with God.”  We sang a worship song about prayer as well…
                “Every time I pray
                Mountains are removed
                The paths are made straight
                And nations turn to you.”

Last week we prayed for the nations – please continue to pray that the nations will turn to God.

During this week’s prayer for France initiative we will be praying for families and schools...

“Pray that God’s ways become more and more our ways.”

“Pray that families may be a stronghold… a place where life has meaning and protects against all the dangers of our society.” (Source: pray for France weekly downloads –

·         Pray for marriages

·         Pray for extended family relationships (grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc.)

·         Pray for parents and children – Malachi 4:6

Pray for Schools in France

·         Pray for the Teachers
o   Specifically for the teachers at the European School –
§  At the junior high – please pray that the school and teachers would adhere to higher moral and ethical standards

·         Please pray for the religion classes and 
      their teachers

·         Pray for the families and parents

·         Pray for the protection of children in 
      French schools

·         Pray for peace in the schools

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