Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Whitley, Banana Boat Blog Newsletter:          November 2015

Pray for Paris and for France
I had started an update for our Banana Boat Update and was about to send it out to all of you when the attack in Paris took place, so we would like to begin this update a different way by asking you to continue praying for France.  Please pray that God’s light will continue to shine through the darkness.  We really appreciate your prayers and concern for our family.  We are all safe living a few hours from Paris and our coworkers in Paris are also safe.  Please continue to pray for us.  We are being cautious and pressing on to do the work that God has called us here to accomplish.  Also, we ask that you pray for our family as we seek to continue following the Lord’s leadership for our future during these changing times.

Trip to Belgium:
Recently we made a 5 hour road trip to visit some friends/coworkers (Janée & Hary) in Belgium.  Hary is from Syria and they are working with Syrian refugees.  So we took our car with the “Cruz-Box” full of clothes and toys for the refugees.  We were able to help them purchase supplies and pack 100 backpacks for the refugees.  We were also able to help them organize their “library” of Christian Arabic materials for distribution.  Finally, we were able to go with Janee to an Arabic grocery store to purchase food for the Saturday lunches that they have for the refugees. 

We have also started a class for immigrants.  Please pray for our teachers; Anne and Janet.  Please pray for our Susu immigrant friends.

Ladies retreat:
The “Difference” ladies retreat was held last weekend.  We had a great time fellowshipping with 38 ladies from 16 different countries.  We learned about how the Lord can make a difference in our lives and through our lives for others.  The ladies were from France, Spain, America, England, South America, China, Japan, Russia, Korea, Egypt, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Benin, Bulgaria, Albania, and Madagascar.  It was fun greeting ladies in English, French, Spanish, Wolof, Sereer, and even the one word of Japanese that I remembered from our mission’s orientation from 13 years ago. J     It is amazing to watch God work!

Please pray for Edwige and her family; her father passed away during the retreat.
Please pray for Elodie; that God will continue to help her understand more about Jesus’ sacrifice.
Please pray for Violetta; she is a lawyer from Bulgaria and has a second interview for a position that would greatly help in supporting her family.
Please pray for Evodia as her knee heals.
Please pray for Marion; that God will strengthen her faith and relationship with Him.
Please pray for our friends from Albania.  The father is recovering from cancer.  Please pray that the grandmother would understand about a personal relationship with the Lord. 

Amidst all of the ministry and daily routines, our family is doing well.  We had a great start back to school on our bikes. Megan is enjoying her dancing part in the play, “Beauty and the Beast!”  Cade and Dylan celebrated their birthday playing American football with friends from France, Spain, Albania, Italy, England and Lithuania.

Thank you so much for supporting us through your prayers and gifts.  We believe in the power of prayer!

Joel, Tiffne, Megan, Cade and Dylan Whitley

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