Wednesday, September 16, 2015

1 September 2015           

The Harvest Continues…

As this year passes, we are at that time of year when kids start back to school, the weather is starting to turn cool, and the sun seems to be setting earlier every day.  I would say it is time for a slow down after all the summer activities, but it seems like things are just getting wound up.  Baseball and dance begin for Cade, Dylan and Megan, while language classes are kicking off in a few short weeks for us. 

However…the past few months have been good.  We recently made a quick trip back to Spain to visit with many of our immigrant families.  We cannot even begin to express the blessings we received from our African friends as we shared meals and gave a few gifts of clothes, food, and toys. Even the “ladies in waiting” were still there and happy to see and talk with Tiffne again.

During this trip we were able to connect

with a new missionary family that has moved to Roquetas and lives in “mi casa es tu casa.”  They have been there for about six months and are continuing the immigrant outreach with the local Baptist church.  Many of the ladies classes and kids activities have continued in the past two years since we turned it over to the church and moved to Strasbourg.  After meeting and talking with the new missionary family, we had a time of prayer together and as we were leaving we were very encouraged to hear them say, 
“We are continuing the harvest of the seeds you planted.” 

        Also over the summer months here in Strasbourg, Trinity International Church has been holding their monthly fellowship potluck at the park as a picnic.  This has been a great time of fellowship and fun.  Megan has taken it upon herself to be the child care worker during these times so that the parents can visit and has even set up a “play blanket” with books, toys, and coloring activities.  She loves taking care of the little ones on Sunday mornings and leading the children’s Bible lesson. 


Cade and Dylan have helped as well.  During the picnic in July we brought an American Football and some flags to play flag-football.  The first time was a learning experience, but one of the French men of the church loved the game so much, he talked to just about everyone and convinced them to all play during the August picnic.  So, the day at the church picnic some eighteen plus folks joined the game.  We had so much interest and fun we had to expand the field twice! 

Thank you for continuing to pray for the harvest here in Strasbourg and Spain.  Please pray for Mihaela, Norma, Betty, Ruben, Miriam, Isabel Maria, Jesus, and Lilly as they continue to minister to immigrants in Spain.  Please pray for Tiffne and Maria, Janet, and Anne as we begin an English class to meet the expressed needs of our immigrant friends here in Strasbourg.  Please pray for our immigrant friends from the Susu, Sereer, Jahanka, and Wolof people groups.

With love,

Joel, Tiffne, Megan, Cade, and Dylan Whitley

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