Tuesday, March 29, 2016

At the end of January two of the ladies who attended the “Difference” retreat were baptized at Trinity International Church of Strasbourg.  It was an amazing baptism service.  We really enjoyed hearing these ladies testimonies before their baptism in Chinese and Albanian.  Please continue to pray for Claudia and Lei as they continue to grow in their relationship with the Lord.

Ladies in Waiting Ministry

During "The Difference” retreat we had a prayer time and began preparing bags to give out to “ladies in waiting.”  Now several Christian ladies from the retreat are involved in a ministry to prostitutes, where we take small gifts to them and visit them on the streets.  We have invited them to an evangelism event here in Strasbourg, hosted by the evangelical churches of Strasbourg.   We began getting to know these “ladies in waiting” by taking Valentine’s Day gift bags to them.  On March 8th; International Women’s day we gave the “ladies in waiting” a small emergency kit that they can carry with them in their purse.  As Easter approaches, we are giving them small Easter gift bags filled with travel size soaps, shampoos, lotions and Easter chocolates.  Also, in each bag we have placed a paper with John 3:16 and the Easter story of Jesus’ death and resurrection in various languages including; Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian, French, and English.  Please pray for the Christian ladies who are reaching out to new “lady in waiting” friends: Janet, Anne, Nathalie, Sonia, Caroline, Emmy, and Bacent.  Please pray for our new “lady in waiting” friends from Bulgaria: Anna, Sophia, Carolina, Annie, Dannie, Rosalia, Tania, Rosie, Julia, Polie; from France: Eva, Celine; from Hungary: Linda, Haggi, Claudia; from Nigeria: Sophia, Sarah, Gift; from Ghana: Tressi, Favor, Joy; from Romania: Katalina, Magdalina, and Lonela.

During February, we went with the youth group from Trinity International Church on a youth ski retreat to the Vosage Mountains here in France.  We studied “The Great Adventure” based on John 10:10.   This was the “kickoff” retreat to get the youth group at Trinity started and to help these students “know God and make him known.”  Please pray for the teenagers to continue to grow in their relationship with the Lord through daily quiet times.

On Easter Sunday, we led the Bible story for the children’s and youth Sunday school classes at Trinity International Church of Strasbourg.  We dyed Easter eggs together and for many of them it was their very first time to dye Easter eggs.  The children and youth had a great time.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. 

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Tony said...

Good to read about all the Lord is opening doors for your ministry. God bless.