Friday, December 30, 2016

Beloved Community among the Global Church
We have had the privilege to serve with Christians in France and Spain; working with Baptist associations and other churches and Christians in both countries.  Recently, when we were in Spain for meetings we found out that one of our favorite pastor’s sons, who is now serving as a pastor with the Spanish Baptist union as well, and his wife had just had a baby.  What a great joy it was for us to have the opportunity to travel to Cuenca, an amazing small town in Spain, to visit our friends and their new baby.  When we attended their wedding years ago, I would never have thought that we would get to see their first child only days after she was born. 

City of Cuenca, Spain

Holding a 1 month old baby at our 
French Baptist church

Over the past few months we have had the privilege to serve and worship with many congregations where we have sought to be an encouragement while being renewed ourselves.

Worship together after a Thanksgiving celebration
 with French partners

Trinity International Church Retreat

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