Friday, December 30, 2016

 Missions Together with Cade and Dylan…

August 20, 2016 – International Geo Caching day…What started as a fun family adventure turned into something more.  Here is Cade and Dylan sharing how finding ministry opportunities in your community is as simple as…Geocaching!

Tiffne: What is geocaching?
Cade:  Geocaching is basically the world’s largest treasure hunt.  How it works is: you get an app on your phone that works like a compass and leads you straight to the treasure.

Tiffne: How did geocaching lead to doing missions together?    

Dylan:  On International Geocaching Day, we were looking for one underneath a bridge, and when we went there we found a squatters village.  So we stopped looking and started talking to them.  In the past few months, we started giving them food; for example soup and Christmas cookies and in return they gave us flowers for our Mother.

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