Friday, April 28, 2017

Tiffne and Joel Whitley
Strasbourg, France

April 2017

Action Quartier:  An immigrant neighborhood kids club through the Baptist Church in Strasbourg.  One of the leaders of this ministry says that in all her 12 years of service in this ministry,
they have only been rained out three times!

American Football in Strasbourg:  One of the youth from our UNIQUE group plays on a local football team.  This was a game played in Strasbourg and it was an experience to watch. 
Cade and Dylan cannot wait to play next year.

Prayer for the students of the UNIQUE group:
- Thank you for praying!  The “Disciple Challenge” that was held on April 10th-11th was a time that hearts were open and the youth deepened their relationship with Christ.

Finding a common language 
through smiles and hugs!

One evening the Outreach Team met a woman who desperately wanted to communicate, but only spoke Bulgarian.  During this meeting, though no verbal conversation was able to take place, a sense of connection was felt through smiles and hugs that demonstrated to this woman that she was not forgotten.

Attending the initial Outreach Team training the next week was a woman from Russian who wanted to volunteer with the Ladies-in-Waiting ministry.  Through conversation, this woman told Tiffne, “I don’t speak Bulgarian, but most Bulgarians understand Russian.”  That Friday, only one week from the first meeting, it was a joy to be able to have an Outreach Team member who could speak in Russian and be understood by our new Bulgarian friend.  What began as hugs and smiles of compassion turned into real conversation as God provided a way for His message of hope and restoration in the life of this lady.

Prayer for the Ladies-in-Waiting ministry:
- Please pray with us as we give each lady an MP3 player 
with the New Testament in their own language.

We are thankful for God’s provision through our financial partnership team and your prayers.  God’s provision for good weather, football for our boys, and communicating to those who need to hear about His love.

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