Thursday, May 18, 2017

Banana Boat Update
May 2017
Tiffne and Joel Whitley              Strasbourg, France

On June 10th our Action Quartier group is inviting the children from the immigrant neighborhood to the grounds of the French Baptist Church for a “block party.”  Please be praying as we continue to build relationships with our neighborhood friends.


Molly’s Story

The first time we met “Molly” she told us how the police often stop by to ask to see her papers to make sure that she is old enough to be working on the streets.  It is legal for ladies to work on the streets in France, but they must be at least 18 years old.  Molly is 18, but she looks much younger.  We have been visiting with Molly for many months now.  She has told us how she has had to call the police when clients are dangerous.  One has threatened to kill her on several occasions.  We have also assisted her with contacting the police for her protection. 

Molly keeps her passport in her boot to protect it from men who have tried to take it from her.  Many traffickers take the passports or identity documents of their victims in order to keep them under their control.

Molly has also told us that she would like to return to her country and find different work.  Just before she was scheduled to make a visit back to her home country, Molly told us that she is planning to apply for law school and the police academy in her country.  We encouraged her that she would then be able to help women just like herself who had been working on the streets and needed help.  Before Molly left France we were able to give her a letter from a Christian lady from the capital city of her country who is a friend to ladies who have worked on the streets.  This friend works to help these women find a new life.  Please pray for Molly as she returns to her country; for her friendship with this mutual friend, and for her application to law school and/or the police academy.

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