Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Let Freedom Ring!

Today is July 4th.  A regular Wednesday in most of the world, but in America it is a day symbolizing independence: freedom.   I am celebrating today in Strasbourg, France.  A country that does not see this day as a holiday, but today I am celebrating freedom!  I am celebrating freedom for victims of human trafficking; for our “ladies-in-waiting” who have been working on the streets of Strasbourg, but are today beginning to see a road to freedom.  Just a few weeks ago, while visiting our friends
on the street we learned about a fight that four of them were involved in and we heard that the police were called.  We also saw some of our ladies talking with what we believed were their controllers on the street.   At that point we began praying and asking others to pray that God would use this negative situation to bring about freedom for these ladies.  Just yesterday we learned that God is answering our prayers.  The police are continuing to be involved, trying to stop the trafficking and to help the ladies get home.  Some of our friends are leaving this job and going home to find a new life.  Please pray that they will also find new life in Christ.  “If the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed!”  John 8:6  Let Freedom Ring!
                Happy 4th of July from the Whitley Family

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