Friday, June 22, 2018

Things are not always as they seem

Things are not always as they seem…
               In the rain, in the snow…snow?
               Our outreach teams were out visiting one day when it began to snow.  We laughed with our ladies-in-waiting friends at the wonderful cold white flakes falling.  Then we began to look closer and realized that it was tiny balls of pollution that falls from the sky here in France after it has risen and accumulated in the clouds.  So what we first thought was snow, was pollution instead.  Another evening we went out to visit; we drove by one of the largest mosques in France to reach the road by the river where the ladies were waiting.  As we offered them hot tea, coffee, and chocolate, it began to rain.  The ladies would offer to let us stand under their umbrellas as we visited with them.
               The Ladies-in-waiting outreach teams go out during the day and in the evenings to visit ladies on the street.  The world sees these ladies as prostitutes.  Many people don’t understand that many of these ladies have no choice in this “profession.”  They have been coerced, forced, and/or trafficked into this life.  They are ladies who want a friend; ladies who will gladly share their umbrella.  They are people like you and me.  People who need to know of Jesus’ love.  Things are not always as they seem.

Please pray for the authorities in France and Bulgaria as they seek to break up the Bulgarian human trafficking ring in Strasbourg.

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