Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas - the Whitley family, 2017

Our favorite thing about serving as field personnel of CBF is watching God work through the prayers of his people.  Before we came back to Texas from France, we had a couple of goals that we were not sure how, or if, it was going to be possible to accomplish.  One was to learn more about how to help truck drivers identify victims of human trafficking.  The other was to learn more about a secure home for victims of human trafficking.  In one of the first churches that we spoke in, towards the end of our time sharing, a man stood up and said that he worked with a company in the states that trained its drivers to identify victims of human trafficking.  We were so amazed that God lead us right to the person who would help us begin this new ministry!  Later, as Tiffne was attending a women’s event at our host church, she heard about a secure home for victims of human trafficking that was very close to where we would be staying – We thought we would have to travel to learn more about this ministry.  God opened the doors for the necessary training and background check so that Tiffne was able to train, volunteer, and minister with this ministry.  It was her joy to lead an Advent Bible study for the ladies.  During the Christmas season, one of the ladies became a Christian and the “window of joy” that we wanted to provide for this lady became a whole new world of joy. 

Prayer Requests…

-Please pray for the Whitley family as they return to France on Jan 3rd
-Pray as they reconnect with ministry partners in France. 
-Pray for the Unique youth event on Jan. 6th
-Pray for Action Quartier on Jan. 13th
-Pray for the Whitley children as they transition back to school and extracurricular activities in France.
-Please continue to pray for Joel as he recovers from shoulder surgery.
-Pray for the Ladies-in-waiting ministry as they visit in Strasbourg.       
-Please pray for the secure home for victims of human trafficking; pray for the staff as well as for the residents and their families.
-Please continue to pray for Mary, as she continues treatment for cancer and has a surgery this month.

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year!

Joel, Tiffne, Megan, Cade, and Dylan

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